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Meet the new Web Advanced

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Here at WA we have a passion for creating fresh approaches to aging experiences.

15 years ago, Web Advanced was started with the simple belief that progressive ideas and engaging consumer experiences will help brands thrive. While this belief still informs everything we do, the digital landscape continuously evolves, and so too does our clients’ businesses and their challenges. We’ve adapted and advanced, our expertise have matured, and our capabilities have broadened and as a result the last few years have brought significant growth for the agency.

We’re excited to introduce our new website and enhanced representation of who we are as a company today, what sets us apart and insight into how we come up with kick-ass solutions that drive actionable results.

The Site

Entering our fifteenth year of business we knew we wanted to do something bigger than just a refresh. We needed an updated presence that was a true reflection of who we are, the incredible and diverse type of work we do and capture the tight knit culture that gets us out of bed with a smile in the morning and spills over to our clients and respective partners.

Web Advanced website on multiple different devices

Device agnostic

Seeing that we leverage in-depth research and analytics to inform key decisions for our clients, we opted to do the same for ourselves and treat this endeavor as we would for another client. With an even split of traffic across desktops and devices, our challenge was to establish a framework that was progressive enough to be optimized across large display monitor, tablets and mobile devices. The fixed left hand navigation was the perfect utility placement for desktop and tablet devices, consciously opting to not display the mobile navigation at too early of a breakpoint. The content area was specifically kept clean and defined allowing the messaging and imagery to be the focal point with no obstruction. The result is a fluid responsive framework that looks just as awesome on a plasma TV as it does on a mobile device.



We put the audience at the heart of our intent. Our motto was no industry jargon that’s not relatable. Our messaging is simple, honest and straightforward. It candidly acknowledges the unfamiliarity prospective clients may typically have and attempts to provide insightful information with our own brand of quirkiness and to the point communication.

Website case studies

Case Studies

We invested a bulk of our time in portraying in depth-case studies that don’t just present your standard screenshots but tell the story of what issue we were tasked with and how we went about out solving it for our client. It gives insight into the process and a better comprehension of the level of detail and effort that goes into producing the work that we do.

Web Advanced Labs

Stay Tuned – WA Labs coming soon

You didn’t think we were done did you? As we speak, we’re working on showcasing new work, thought-leadership postings and bringing first attention to WA Labs. That’s right – we don’t just build products for clients, we have our internal initiatives we’ve been developing and currently use in our own day-today-operations. Here’s a sneak peak:

MotionMail and DirtyPop

Keep checking back and we’d love to hear what you think.

What's Next?

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