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Ping-Pong Tourney

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There's nothing new about a web agency playing ping-pong. It's become cliche. But for good reason! Investing long hours in creative problem solving is draining. Ping-pong is a great way to take a break. Just a single game gives you a chance to reset, get the blood flowing, and interact with the team.

Over the past year we've continued to play the game while our agency grows. The challenges in our projects run deeper. And ping-pong has become the preferred alternative to chucking your magic mouse across the room. As a result, our paddle prowess has improved. We're proud amateurs, possibly budding professionals. And after hundreds of tense matches, we realized we were just training for the inevitable: a company-wide throwdown. Thus, the 2015 WA Ping-Pong Tournament was birthed.

Web Advanced 2015 Ping-Pong Tournament

We drew up a doubles tournament. Pairing the best players with those less experienced. Odds balanced and team names picked, trash talk commenced. There were upsets, laughs, and battle cries. For every tear, a newly forged alliance. Every scar, a new source of pride. Team Goldfish was destroyed by The Maine Coons early on. And The Sh!t was humiliated by Team Catfish in the final hour, reaping those sparse kernals of eternal glory that can only come from an event witnessed by thirteen individuals. Thirteen awesome individuals.

Michelle and Adam playing ping-pong

2015 has been a good year so far. Are we crediting ping-pong with making us a better company? Maybe. But possibly everything in the world is made better with ping-pong. If think you have what it takes to join the WA team, throw your paddle into the ring. Email us at

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