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Discovering hidden talent has never been so compelling

Disney partnered up with Web Advanced to redefine true knowledge sharing and created Disney Marquee, an in-context search and repository platform that consolidates and centralizes everything that makes up Disney Parks & Resorts across North America, Europe and Asia. With critically valuable information fragmented across a variety of environments, managers and employees found themselves at the mercy of having to piece together last-generation tools in order to access critical information. With Marquee, places, projects, studios and employees are amalgamated to create one searchable and discoverable experience.

Bringing this vision to reality allows managers to explore profiles and discover hidden talent just by typing a keyword. It allows imagineers to share and promote their skills and interests through immersive galleries and portfolios. It allows for both current projects and comprehensive information to be captured and catalogued according to geographic location, type of place, or even historic milestone. While still in its infancy stage, Marquee has already streamlined productivity and reignited a passion to explore the incredible achievements and talented people from within the organization.


  • Enterprise Platform
  • Content Management System
  • Website
  • Application


  • Theme Parks
  • Resorts
  • Entertainment


  • Research
  • Product Strategy
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Enterprise Platform Development
  • Systems Integration
Image of disney talent website with some items that might be found on it


Talents and skills can be discovered and shared across Disney just by typing a keyword and exploring Gallery showcases.

Disney timeline for locations etc

History Timeline

Go back in time and view key historic milestones, how locations and attractions evolved, and the people that worked on them.

Example profile pages

Connected Profiles

All employees are connected within one searchable network and empowered to champion their own careers by promoting skills, achievements and professional goals.

Example of Space Mountain page showing the kind of information you might find on these types of pages

Projects & Places

All historical and projects in flight are centralized in a dynamic framework documenting all key phases and aspects of a project or place.

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