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Product photography comes to life with HTML5 video

Pfister Faucets started over 100 years ago. Now their kitchen and bath products are available in showrooms around the world and in every Home Depot and Lowes in America. The brand’s history of innovation is filled with tech milestones that have elevated the industry’s ideas of what constitutes a modern kitchen and bath experience.

One of the latest features is React technology. React allows you to guide your hand in front of a kitchen faucet’s sensor in order to turn the water on or off. Web Advanced was asked to build a mobile responsive microsite, mobile responsive email, and banner ads in support of React’s product launch and marketing campaign.

To demonstrate the motion-activated nature of the product, Web Advanced worked with Nurture Digital. The agencies collaborated to capture video of a hand turning the faucet on & off on a white background. The desktop version of the microsite integrates the videos directly into the content of the page. At first glance, the user appears to be looking at static images. Upon clicking “Watch how to turn it on”, a hand enters from the edge of the screen to demonstrate how to activate the faucet.

In order to influence the perception that React transforms the traditional kitchen faucet into the extraordinary, the microsite was built with a minimal yet bold storytelling approach now commonly associated with innovative new tech devices.

Integrated into the microsite are references to Nurture Digital’s commercial for React, which features the comedic character named Doug – a seemingly average but hilarious family man who has volunteered to be the spokesperson for React.


  • Website
  • Product Microsite
  • Sitefinity CMS
  • HTML5 Video


  • Home Hardware


  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • Mobile Responsive Development
See It Live
Pfister React website displayed on different devices with an example of the faucet


Seemingly static photos come to life through HTML5 embedded video, elegantly revealing the touch-free nature of the React faucet.

Image of someone working at a table with images of the faucet printed out


The bold, mobile responsive storytelling elevates the cachet of the faucet to that of an innovative technology product.

Image from Pfister React photo shoot

Camera Work

The art direction for the HTML5 video, cinemagraphs, and photography was conducted in collaboration with agency partner Nurture Digital.

Image showing how to adjust temperature of water on Pfister React faucet


Meet Doug. Pfister spokesperson. Champion of innovation. Created by Nurture Digital to bring a fresh, comedic approach to the product launch.

Image showcasing different parts of the Pfister React website


React is one of seven microsites in which Web Advanced translated Pfister’s faucet innovations into a engaging digital story.

Danyel Tiefenbacher
Web Advanced continues to raise the bar of our web experiences. Microsites such as React and Xtract have become integral to our product marketing efforts. The modern look & feel and embedded videos on React took it to a new level. The team is always thrilled to see the results.
Danyel Tiefenbacher - Brand Manager, Pfister

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