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Curated design advice from master paint colorists

Choosing a paint color palette for your home means answering the tough questions. Is Kale Majesty a suitable accent for Moist Chartreuse? Does Purple Pizzazz complement Mango Tango?

Only talented colorists know.

And yet every day, homeowners begin the journey to remodel their homes. Faced with a baffling variety of colors and their cheeky names, many suffer from a widespread disorder referred to as Paint Chip Paralysis. You’ll find these wary individuals rooted in paint stores, shuffling fistfuls of color swatches with the quiet intensity of a desperate card player. And in the process, dramatically extending the sales cycle of many a designer showroom.

The quick, painless remedy for Paint Chip Paralysis is the myBoral Brick Designer. It’s free. And comes equipped with ready-made pairings of brick, stone, and paint colors which have been carefully selected by Boral and Sherwin Williams colorists. It’s the tablet app that delivers stylish recommendations before you can say Jazzberry Jam. Mauvelous.


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Brick color palette in app


Each brick in the tablet app is accompanied by matching color palettes that have been selected by professional colorists. For residential and commercial audiences.

Displaying a catalog of various bricks


Boral’s full catalog of residential and commercial bricks are in the app. Users can filter by Size, Color, Collection, and Availability.

Map of the United States showing that different bricks may be available in different locations


Bricks are expensive to ship. Availability of collections is based on the buyer’s proximity to a regional plant. The app has product filtering based on location.

Someone browsing the Boral brick selection using the app


Showrooms don't have access to all products made in all regions. The app allows showrooms to show and hide products based on what they offer.

Image showing the ability to save color sets using the Boral Brick app


Save products and color sets to the Projects section. Users can review their personalized selections at any time to make final selections.

Crysta Thomas
Our brick selection is the largest in the industry. Part of our challenge is enabling buyers to absorb everything that we have to offer. The Brick Designer app supports our ability to showcase products in a way that we’ve never had before. Web Advanced’s user-centric approach resulted in a sales support tool that delighted our team.
Crysta Thomas - Brand Manager, Boral® Bricks

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