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Optimized data management leads to increased revenue.

Ultimate Ears Pro division works with live performing artists like Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Miranda Lambert, and Green Day by creating custom, in-ear monitor headphones.

What makes the products incredible is that each set of headphones is custom made to fit the performer's inner ear. In addition to being used in the studio, the headphones allow artists to hear their band's live mix on stage. Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos: "I could finally hear what we were playing, what I was singing to..."


  • Database creation
  • Website Support


  • Consumer Goods
  • Entertainment


  • UX Strategy
  • UI Design
  • Project Management
  • Web Development
  • Content Migration
  • CMS Development
  • Database Management
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Website Support

UE's content management system, Magento, requires regular maintenance to continue providing efficient completion of daily tasks. We assist with new features, security upgrades, plug-ins, and more.

True Partnership

Web Advanced's business-minded consultation services have resulted in a close partnership. We proactively offer new ideas to Ultimate Ears Pro for workflow optimization and the enhancement of the brand.

VIP Concierge

The products sold by Ultimate Ears Pro are high-end and customizable. The VIP Concierge connects current and new customers with a specialist who ensures a guided, personal experience with the brand.

Our employee Ryan having his ears scanned for a pair of Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors

Digital Efficiency

For the capture of a customer's ear impressions, Ultimate Ears moved away from traditional techniques and turned to digital scanning. Capitalizing on the speed of digital files, we created a leads database which optimized the sales-to-production workflow. Product fulfillment was shortened from 1 week to just 3 days.

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